Call for Films Beeld voor Beeld

beeldvbBeeld voor Beeld is a documentary film festival that is concerned with cultural diversity. Rooted in visual anthropology, the festival screens documentaries on various (sub)cultures offering discussions and seminars. The festival serves as a meeting place for filmmakers and audiences from different cultural backgrounds.

All filmmakers will be present, and much attention is given to discussions between them and the audience. A special part of the program is devoted to student films and is open to students from all educational programs on visual anthropology or documentary filmmaking.

Entry is open to any production that either deals with subjects of anthropology, sociology and social issues or fits the overall theme.

The 24th edition will have as its special theme:

Images from the West
Representations of the Dutch Caribbean and Dutch Guiana.

2013 sees the celebration of the abolishment of slavery in the Dutch colonies in the Western Hemisphere (the Dutch Antilles and Dutch Guiana, better known as Surinam) 150 years ago. We will look at how these Dutch territories have been represented in film, starting with the first film shot in Surinam in 1921. We will also look at contemporary representations by filmmakers from these (former) colonies, focusing on how these filmmakers are exploring their roots and culture, be it in the Netherlands, the Dutch Caribbean or Surinam.

Submission deadline: August 30, 2013, 5 pm.

Please visit for more information on how to submit your film.